Class guidelines for enrolled families


Music Together® Class Guidelines for Enrolled Families
Congratulations! You have made the wonderful choice to introduce your child to the amazing and magical world of music! You can get the most out of your experience by establishing a few habits. Music Together is a fun and informal learning experience which can only be made better by observing a few guidelines.
  • Plan to arrive a few minutes early so that everyone is settled and ready to start class on time. Late arrivals interrupt the flow of class, and your child might be disapointed to miss the beloved "Hello Song" !
  • Make sure your child has a good snack before class. Food is not permitted inside the classroom. Sippy cups (water only) and bottles are permitted. Nursing is always welcome.
  • If your child is having a hard day, it is fine to make your own special place outside the circle, or even to step outside the room for a few minutes.
  • If your child is not feeling well, please keep him/her home. No fevers, pink eye, wet coughs, severe runny noses, etc. If a child is clearly sick, your teacher may request that you leave and schedule a makeup.
  • No shoes are to be worn in the studio. This applies to adults AND children. Socks (slip-proof are best) or bare feet are fine. (Indoor slippers with non-slip soles are OK.) All outdoor footwear should be removed and left outside the classroom.
  • Please avoid the use of strong scents. Some children have allergies and/or asthma.

  • Inclement Weather: When the local weather is unfavourable, Music Together by MAX classes MAY OR MAY NOT BE CANCELLED.

    Always Check the MAX WEBSITE for cancellations. THey will also be posted on our facebook page

    If classes are cancelled, you may schedule a makeup class HERE. You are allowed two makeup classes each semester for any reason. Extra makeup classes are available in the case of bad weather. If you have any questions, please email Centre Director Claire Rouleau at


  • Safety is a priority. Please redirect your child if they are running or engaging in any unsafe behaviour. Hitting, biting, and throwing instruments are not permitted. It is the parents' responsibility to ensure that their children are playing safely.

  • Please keep talking and socializing to before and after class. Children hear so much talk during the day and they work so hard on language development--let's give them a chance to be musically focused in class. Your model of musical participation and involvement is the most powerful magic for creating both the disposition to be musical in your children, and an exciting and rewarding class for everyone. If you really need to say something to your child, see if you can sing it! Verbal instruction is unnecessary in our classes.
  • Music Together is all about PARTICIPATION, NOT PERFORMANCE. Sing, dance, shake, rattle and roll along, even if you don't know the words, or think you can't sing in tune or keep a beat. You are your child's most important role model! All adults, even visitors, are expected to join the circle and participate in the class. Music Together is about participation and the joy of making music together as a family.
  • Allow your child to form his/her own style in class. Some children will quietly observe, and others will actively explore their environment. While that is happening, continue your own musical involvement. You can tap your child, sing along, or even join them in their large motor exploration and create a dance duet. 
  • Use of cameras or cell phones is not permitted during class. Pictures may be taken before or after class. Please obtain permission from other parents before you photograph or videotape them or their children.

Each of these items will enhance your experience in Music Together.
  • Please play your CD for your children as often as you can, both as a background accompaniment to daily life, and for special family jam, song and dance sessions. Be sure to play it at home where your children can move about freely, and not just in the car where they are confined to a car-seat. SING about whatever is happening and to accompany your activities (washing the dishes, changing a diaper, the sillier the better!) Make Music Together songs your own by including your own words and stories. Starting in Fall, 2014, you will get a free download of the current semester's music at the new Family Music Zone. You may also stream the music from any device connected to the internet. We also have an app called "Hello, Everybody!" It is free and may be downloaded from the App Store.
  • The Songbook contains suggestions for musical activities at home for various ages. The opening pages are filled with wonderful information about making the most of your Music Together experience. Many children will begin to include pictures of musical notation in their drawings when they have spent time with the songbooks. This is the beginning of the understanding that these symbols “talk to us” about music. Best of all, the songbook is in the same order as the recordings so the illustrations come up when the song begins. These songbooks have become the favourite bedtime/lullaby books of many Music Together children.
  • Your teacher is there to be sure you and your child have exciting, fun and rewarding musical experiences. Please ask questions, voice your concerns, and share your stories!